Sea ice measurements database

This archive contains in-situ measurements of Antarctic sea ice and snow cover properties, collected by many national programs over the past several decades. The data include physical, biological and biogeochemical measurements on ice cores and snow pit samples, as well as ice and snow thickness measurements from drilled transects across ice floes. The data are from all regions of the Antarctic pack ice in many different months of the year.

Data can be submitted online using a standard proforma that can be downloaded from this site. The development of this site was a key recommendation from the International Workshop on Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness, held in Hobart, Australia in July 2006.

Current Statistics

Locations Ice Stations Transects Ice Cores Snow Pits
314 83 494 99 18

Download the Template

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Data that is submitted to the sea ice database needs to be in the correct format. In order for submitted data to be ingested into the database in an automated fashion, the data needs to be input into a sea ice data template.

The template is in Excel format. Users that do not own a copy of Microsoft Office can use OpenOffice as an alternative to open and edit the template.

Download Data Entry Template
Download OpenOffice

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