Map 14608: Year-round stations in the Australian Antarctic Territory

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Map Number 14608
Title Year-round stations in the Australian Antarctic Territory
Edition 1
Scale 1 : 15 000 000
Publication date September 2017
Publisher Australian Antarctic Division (Australia)
Spatial coverage ( 36.4667° -61.8500°) , (172.7167° -61.8500°) , (172.7167° -87.6333°)
( 36.4667° -87.6333°)
Projection Polar Stereographic
Physical size 19.1 x 27.6 cm
Notes This map was one of a series (maps 14608 to 14612) created for a keynote address by the Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Nick Gales, for the Theo Murphy Australian Frontiers of Science Symposium, September 2017.
Symbol size is an indication of peak population at the station based on information provided by the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) as at 31 March 2017.
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Horizontal datum WGS84


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