Map 12717: Geology of the Northern Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica

Map details

Map Number 12717
Title Geology of the Northern Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica
Edition 1
Scale 1 : 30 000
Publication date May 2001
Publisher Australian Antarctic Division (Australia)
Australian Geological Survey Organisation (Australia)
Spatial coverage ( 78.0000° -68.4000°) , ( 78.5833° -68.4000°) , ( 78.5833° -68.5500°)
( 78.0000° -68.5500°)
Projection Universal Transverse Mercator
Physical size 85 x 110 cm
Keywords Snape , Seitz , Bain


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Additional Information

Accuracy Horizontal accuracy: +/-2m
Vertical accuracy: +/-2m
Dykes:+/-2m, interpretation aerial photography
Spot heights: +/-2m
Geological formations:
For information about this dataset refer to the metadata record.
Horizontal datum WGS 84
Vertical datum Mean Sea Level
Nomenclature Australian Antarctic Gazetteer


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