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Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Chlorophyta
Class Chlorophyceae
Order Chaetophorales

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Family Blastosporaceae
Prasiola antarctica Kitzing 1849 Synonym
Prasiola crispa var. antarctica Kitzing 1849 Synonym
Prasiola crispa var. aspera W. et G.S. West 1911
Prasiola fluviatilis f. antarctica Wille 1924
Prasiola sp.
Prasiola sp./?
Family Caetopeltidiaceae
Oligochaetophora simplex G.S. West 1911
Family Chaetophoraceae
Coccobotrys mucosus Broady et Ingerfeld 1993
Coccobotrys sp.
Coccobotrys sp./?
Desmococcus endolithicus Broady et Ingerfeld 1993
Desmococcus olivaceus (Pers. ex Ach.) Laundon 1985/?
Desmococcus sp.
Desmococcus sp./?
Desmococcus vulgaris Brand 1925/?
Dilabifilum prostratum Broady et Ingerfeld 1993
Diplosphaera mucosa Broady 1982
Endophyton atroviridis O'Kelly sp. ined.
Entocladia maculans (Cotton) Papenfuss 1964
Entocladia viridis Reinke 1879
Gongrosira terricola Bristol 1920 Synonym
Leptosira terricola (Bristol) Printz 1964
Microthamnion sp.
Pleurastrum insigne Chodat 1894
Pleurococcus angulosus (Corda) Meneghini 1846
Pleurococcus antarcticus W. et G.S. West 1911 em. Fritsch 1912
Pleurococcus antarcticus f. robusta W. et G.S. West 1911
Pleurococcus dissectus (Kitzing) Nõgeli 1849
Pleurococcus frigidus W. et G.S. West 1911
Pleurococcus koettlitzi Fritsch 1912 Synonym
Pleurococcus pachydermus Lagerheim in Wittrock et Nordstedt 1882
Pleurococcus pachydermus f. stipitata W. et G.S. West 1911
Pleurococcus sp.
Pleurococcus tectorum f. antarctica Wille 1924
Protoderma brownii Fritsch 1912 Synonym
Protoderma choaerens (Wittrock) Printz 1964
Pseudendoclonium printzii (Vischer) Bourrelly 1972
Pseudopleurococcus printzii Vischer 1933 Synonym
Stigeoclonium sp.
Trichosarcina mucosa (Broady) Chappell et O'Kelly 1991
Uronema acutum Buddenbrock, 1920
Family Ulothrichaceae
Binuclearia sp.
Binuclearia tatrana Wittrock 1886
Binuclearia tectorum (Kitzing) Beger in Wichmann 1937
Geminella mutabilis (Nõgeli) Wille 1909/?
Geminella terricola Boye-Petersen 1932
Hormidiopsis crenulata (Kitzing) Heering 1914
Hormidium flaccidum A. Braun in Rabenhorst 1876 Synonym
Hormidium mucosum Boye-Petersen 1915
Hormidium sp.
Hormidium sp./?
Hormidium subtile (Kitzing) Heering 1914 Synonym
Radiofilum flavescens G.S. West 1899
Raphidonema helvetica Kol 1935
Raphidonema pyrenoidifera Korsikov 1953
Raphidonema pyrenoidifera var. elongata Broady 1982
Raphidonema sempervirens Chodat 1913
Raphidonema sp.
Raphidonema tatrae (Kol in Gy÷rffy) Kol in Vischer 1933 Synonym
Stichococcus bacillaris Nõgeli 1849
Stichococcus chlorelloides/?
Stichococcus exiguus Gerneck 1907
Stichococcus fragilis Gay 1891
Stichococcus mirabilis Lagerheim 1893
Stichococcus nivalis Chodat 1921
Stichococcus sp.
Ulothrix aequalis Kitzing 1845
Ulothrix mucosa Thuret 1850
Ulothrix sp.
Ulothrix sp./?
Ulothrix subtilis var. tenerrima f. antarctica Wille in Gain 1912 Synonym
Ulothrix subtilis var. variabilis (Kitzing) Kirchner 1878 Synonym
Ulothrix subtilissima Rabenhorst 1868 Synonym
Ulothrix tenerrima f. antarctica Wille in Gain 1912
Ulothrix zonata (Weber et Mohr) Kitzing 1833
Uronema sp.
Family Ulothricheae
Microspora stagnorum (Kitzing) Lagerheim 1887/?