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Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Bacillariophyta
Class Bacillariophyceae
Order Acnanthales

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Family Achnanthaceae
Achnanthes abundans Manguin
Achnanthes brevipes Agardh, 1824
Achnanthes brevipes Agardh 1824
Achnanthes brevipes var. arctica (P.T Cleve) Ko-Bayashi 1965
Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia
Achnanthes cf. abundans Manguin
Achnanthes chlidanos Hohn et Hellerman 1963 Synonym
Achnanthes coarctata (BrÚbisson) Grunow in Cleve et Grunow 1880
Achnanthes coarctata var. elliptica (BrÚbisson in Wm. Smith) Grunow in Cleve et Grunow Synonym
Achnanthes coartcata var. rhomboides
Achnanthes delicatula (Kitzing) Grunow in Cleve et Grunow 1880/?
Achnanthes delicatula ssp. Hauckiana (Grunow in Cleve et Grunow ) Lange-
Achnanthes exilis var. minutissima Brun 1880 Synonym
Achnanthes gainii (M. Peragallo) Mann 1937
Achnanthes germainii Mang.
Achnanthes hauckiana Grunow in Cleve et Grunow 1880 Synonym
Achnanthes intermedia Kitzing 1833 Synonym
Achnanthes kryophila Pet.
Achnanthes lanceolata (BrÚbisson) Grunow in Cleve et Grunow 1880
Achnanthes lapidosa Krasske 1929/? Synonym
Achnanthes marginatula Grunow in Cleve et Grunow 1880 Synonym
Achnanthes metakryophila Lange-Bertalot et R. Schmidt 1990
Achnanthes minutissima Kitzing 1833
Achnanthes minutissima var. cryptocephala Grunow in Van Heurck 1880-1885 Synonym
Achnanthes montana Krasske
Achnanthes ninckei Guermeer & Manguin
Achnanthes nodosa A. Cleve 1900
Achnanthes parvula Kitzing 1844
Achnanthes peterseni Hustedt 1937/?
Achnanthes sp.
Achnanthes sp. 1
Achnanthes sp. A
Achnanthes subatomoides (Hust.) L-Bert. & Archibald
Achnanthes subsessilis Kitzing 1833 Synonym
Achnanthes taylorensis Kellogg et Kellogg in Kellogg et al. 1980
Achnanthes vicentii Manguin, 1957
Family Achnanthidiaceae
Achnanthidium lanceolatum BrÚbisson ex Kitzing 1849 Synonym
Achnanthidium lanceolatum f. tipica Mayer 1916 Synonym
Achnanthidium microcephalum Kitzing 1844 Synonym
Psammothidium abundans (Manguin) Bukhtiyarova et Round 1996
Psammothidium chlidanos (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot in Lange-Bertal
Psammothidium marginatulum (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova et Round 1996