Recent news

05 Feb 2019: The AADC now has Core Trust Seal Accreditation - a new, internationally recognised accreditation for data centres. The accreditation process is conducted by peer review, then final certification is approved by the CTS board based on reviewer recommendations. There are only three CTS Certified Repositories in Australia, and only 44 in the entire world.

Core Trust Seal Accreditation

01 Mar 2018: This week the AADC passed a significant data citation milestone - we minted our 1,000th Dataset DOI since implementing the service almost six years ago. Dataset DOIs are a very useful tool to aid in data citation. And the 1,000th DOI? It was a K-Axis chlorophyll dataset (see the link).

1,000 DOIs created at the AADC

17 May 2017: The AADC now has a new data submission tool for uploading your data for archival. You can access the tool at our "Discover and manage data" page. The tool is simple and easy to use, and is linked to the data management plans from your projects.

New data submission tool